May 2019 update

Government Factsheet on the Grenfell Tower Site and Memorial Commission


Future of the Grenfell Tower Site

  • The Government and Council have no plans to redevelop the site. They have publicly stated that if the bereaved, survivors and local community do not want the site to be redeveloped, it will not be redeveloped.
  • The Prime Minister has personally committed that the bereaved, survivors and wider community will lead decision-making regarding the long-term future of the Grenfell Tower site. The voice of the bereaved will carry the most weight.
  • In the coming weeks, the Government will take over ownership of the site from the Council until its long-term future has been determined by the community. The land will become “Crown land” which is just another name for land owned by the Government.
  • The Government is happy to impose a legal restriction on the use of the land, to give an additional level of reassurance to the community. 
  • The current site team will remain, transferring to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. The Council will take no role in decisions about management of the site.
  • The bereaved, survivors and community will be kept fully updated on management of the site, and engaged on any significant operational decisions. 


Decision-making on the long-term future of the Site

  • After discussions with the community, the Government published a set of written principles setting out the future decision-making on the site. The Government then worked with representatives of the bereaved, survivors and Lancaster West estate residents to agree to set up a Memorial Commission.
  • We recognise the particular significance of the site to bereaved families which is why the voice of the bereaved should carry the most weight.
  • The Memorial Commission will be made up of 10 community representatives with five from the bereaved families. The next stage is for the community to choose who their representatives will be.
  • When the Memorial Commission is set up it will:
    • Seek views from the community and ensure they are reflected in the discussions around the long-term future of the site.
    • Agree a community-led proposal for the long-term future of the site, to create a fitting and lasting memorial to remember those who lost their lives.
    • Agree a community-led proposal for how the memorial site will be owned and sustainably managed in the long term.
  • Community representatives:
    • Will be responsible for inputting and reflecting the views of bereaved families, survivors, and North Kensington residents to the Commission’s work so that the whole community’s wishes are at the heart of decision-making.
    • Will meet regularly with and consult all bereaved families, survivors and residents in the local community through the Commission’s engagement process, as well as attend the Commission’s meetings.
    • Will work with the Commission’s Chair and public authority members to develop proposals for the memorial and future management of the site.
    • To protect the integrity of the process, community representatives will not be able to represent their own personal views (or that of specific individuals) and/or professional experience to inform the memorial proposal.
  • Bereaved families, survivors and local residents will be able to:
    • Agree and help shape the most appropriate way for the Commission to engage with the community throughout the process.
    • Attend regular meetings with the community representatives to engage directly with the work of the Commission.
    • Influence decisions on the memorial and future management of the site through the Commission’s community consultation programme.
  • The structure of community representatives – 5 for the bereaved, 3 for survivors and 2 for Lancaster West residents – will enable the bereaved to have the majority say.

Department officials will be at the Curve every Tuesday afternoon if you would like more information or have any questions. Or please contact or phone 0303 444 4831.

Published on
20 May 2019