Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission statement: 6 September 2021

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The Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission has released the statement below in response to recent media coverage on the future of Grenfell Tower.

We are aware of a number of media reports over the past few days regarding the future of Grenfell Tower. Like many of you, and as fellow bereaved, survivors and local residents, we were truly shocked and dismayed at the insensitivity of hearing this from the media and also at the disrespectful language from the quoted senior government sources. 

The Memorial Commission is made up of 10 entirely independent community representatives, elected by our respective constituency groups of bereaved, survivors and Lancaster West Estate residents. We are supported by two independent co-chairs, Thelma Stober and Michael Lockwood, who were appointed by us.

As a Commission, we have no role in the government’s decision making on the future of the Tower and had absolutely no involvement in the consultation or communications from the government. Based on the feedback we have heard from you, we – as an independent Commission – have already written to the government to express the concerns we heard around the pace, timing and lack of sensitivity of the consultation. 

As part of our regular conversations with you over recent months, we have heard loud and clear from those most affected by this tragedy how important the decisions on the future of the Tower are to you.

Many of you have also expressed that some elements of the Tower should be retained as part of the memorial. The government has publicly committed to supporting this from the very start of this process, so it is inconceivable that any decision could have been made by them without taking into consideration these views from our community.  

Please be assured that we will continue to protect the independence of the Commission and ensure these commitments are honoured in the fullest sense.  

We will continue to work with you all to agree a future memorial. This will take time. We as a community will not be rushed in to creating a memorial befitting the memory of our lost loved ones.

We are an incredible community; time and time again we have stood together to face the darkest of days. Now, more than ever, we need to continue to support each other, to stand in solidarity and work together to build our memorial, in our own time and in our own way.

The Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission


Published on
6 September 2021