Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission film to mark the fifth anniversary of the tragedy

The Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission has published its second film today (13 June 2022), almost five years after the Grenfell Tower fire tragically took 72 lives.  

It was filmed during May 2022 by production company bigSMALL TV. Filming took place in the Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, Oxford Gardens Primary School, and close to the Lancaster West Estate, which surrounds the tower.

The film features local school children speaking powerfully about how they remember their former friends and classmates. One young girl, presenting a green commemorative tile she has created, describes how the future memorial will help their community to both celebrate the memory of those who died and how they lived. 

In the film, several of the Memorial Commission’s elected community representatives explain that their most important work is listening to the different voices in the community – to the bereaved families, to the survivors, and to those who live close to where the tower stands.

Towards the end of the film, community representative Hassan Awadh Hassan urges those who want to share their ideas to come forward and speak to the Memorial Commission.

The film ends with a tribute to the 72 loved ones who lost their lives.

You can read more about the many ideas the Memorial Commission has heard so far in their report, published in May. 

You can watch the Memorial Commission's first film, published in 2021 for the fourth anniversary, here.  

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Published on
13 June 2022